Gear up for Turkey Lovers’ Month

May 1, 2019

June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month, a time to celebrate a better-for-you protein that brings more to the table. Turkey is a valuable, tasty ingredient in the kitchen when it comes to flavor and customization. It also lends itself to a range of cooking techniques, from roasting to braising, smoking and more.

Here are some ways to make your turkey month a turkey success:

  • Celebrate its symbolism. Turkey is a national icon, with Ben Franklin once suggesting it should be the official bird of the U.S. Add regional cuisines to the menu with this Empire State Bagel or Philly Roasted Turkey Sandwich.
  • Get festive. Turkeys are a favorite for the holidays, with 45 million eaten on Thanksgiving and 22 million on Christmas. Take advantage of this interest by driving traffic with turkey-themed LTOs. A “Thanksgiving in June” promotion with recipes such as Thanksgiving Fiesta Taco and Turkey Filet Sandwich would celebrate two important turkey months while giving diners a unique twist on a protein they crave.
  • Embrace flavor. From sweet to spicy and sour, a variety of tastes pop against turkey, the ideal canvas for taking in flavor. This Turkey Wrap with Mango Chutney tickles that sweet spot with a fruit-filled chutney and sliced turkey breast. For guests seeking a kick, this Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger brings the heat.
  • Lighten up. Because it’s lower in calories and cholesterol, turkey can inspire better-for-you versions of indulgent, comforting meals. Health-conscious guests can enjoy dishes such as this Turkey Flatbread Pizetta and Ugly Tomato BLTT, which feature savory, lighter variations of decadent foods.
  • Think between the buns. Turkey burgers are increasingly popular, with consumers eating more than they did several years earlier. This Herbed Turkey Burger and Mediterranean Turkey Burger are two delicious ways to meet rising demand.
  • Rise and shine. Breakfast products such as turkey bacon or turkey sausage can be used in recipes to satisfy guests seeking nutritious options in the morning.
  • Respect the classics. Turkey is one of the top five sandwich varieties at limited-service restaurants. Although there are ample ways to use this protein creatively, some guests still want an old-fashioned turkey sandwich. Consider offering this Pressato or Turkey Club to honor a standard.

There’s always a time and place for turkey on the menu, and National Turkey Lovers’ Month is the perfect opportunity to explore recipe ideas that feature a protein beloved by many.

How are you preparing for Turkey Lovers’ Month? Let us know how you plan to celebrate, on Facebook or LinkedIn. For more menu inspiration, visit our Culinary Center.


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