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Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger

Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger

  • SERVING SIZE 1 burger

When typical toppings just aren’t enough, be bold and try chorizo seasoned ground turkey. This Mexican-inspired burger features spicy chorizo and an egg, along with zesty tomato pepper jam. Serve with a side of cottage fried potatoes for a filling brunch or all-day breakfast option.



Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger

1 patty

Grilled Turkey Burger

2 ½ oz.

Chorizo Ground Turkey crumbles, cooked to order

2 slices

San Antonio Corn Bread, thin layer of top crust, cut 4 inches x 4 inches

2 tbsp.

Cilantro Mayonnaise

1 ea.

Egg, sunny side up

2 ½ oz.

Spicy Tomato Pepper Jam


Grilled Turkey Burger

Yield: 4 burgers 

2 tbsp.

Canola oil

2 tbsp.

White Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins Marinade for Chicken)

Montreal steak seasoning, as needed


San Antonio Corn Bread

2 oz.

Turkey Bacon, raw, ¼-inch dice

1 cup

Stone-ground cornmeal

1 cup

All-purpose flour

½ tsp.


4 tsp.

Baking powder

1 tbsp.

Pasilla chili powder

¾ cup

Cheddar cheese, shredded

½ cup

Kernel corn, drained and dried

1 whole

Jalapeño, minced, seeds removed

1 tbsp.


2 ea.


1 cup


¼ cup

Butter, melted


Cilantro Mayonnaise

1 ½ cups


2 tsp.

Jalapeño Tabasco sauce

⅓ cup

Cilantro, chopped



To prepare the Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger:

1. While the Grilled Turkey Burger and turkey chorizo are cooking on the grill or griddle, grill the San Antonio Corn Bread on both sides and spread with the Cilantro Mayonnaise.

2. Prepare the sunny-side egg.

3. Set the grilled corn bread on a serving plate and top with the burger. Top the burger with the egg and arrange the cooked chorizo crumbles over the egg.

4. Consider serving the Spicy Tomato Pepper Jam on the side.





To prepare the Grilled Turkey Burger:

1. Combine the oil and white Lea & Perrins and blend well.

2. Brush both sides of each turkey burger with the seasoned oil.

3. Season both sides lightly with Montreal steak seasoning.

4. Grill the burgers according to the package instructions.





To prepare the San Antonio Corn Bread:

1. In a 9-inch seasoned cast iron skillet, heat and render the bacon until crisp.

2. Combine the cornmeal, flour, salt, baking powder and pasilla chili powder in a stainless steel bowl and blend well.

3. Add the shredded cheese, kernel corn and jalapeño. Blend well, but do not overmix.

4. In a separate bowl, combine the molasses, eggs, buttermilk and melted butter. Blend well.

5. Slowly add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients. Blend in, but do not overmix.

6. Reheat the 9-inch cast iron skillet with the crisp bacon (bacon fat and crisp bacon should evenly coat the skillet). The pan must be very hot, but take caution not to burn the bacon.

7. Pour the batter into the hot skillet with the bacon. Shake the pan to evenly spread the batter in the pan.

8. Bake in a preheated 425°F oven for 25–30 minutes. Test the center with a toothpick to ensure the corn bread is baked—the toothpick will pull out clean.



To prepare the Cilantro Mayonnaise:

1. Combine all the ingredients and blend well.

2. Place in a storage container with a lid and refrigerate.


Swap and substitute to make it your own.


Spicy Tomato Pepper Jam

Yield: 1 ½ cups 

4 lbs.

Plum tomatoes, ripe

3 tbsp.


2 tbsp.

Demerara sugar

1 tbsp.

Sea salt

1 ea.

Blood orange or Meyer lemon, zest and juice

2 ea.

Serrano pepper, sliced very thin

1 tsp.

Freshly ground black pepper


To prepare the Spicy Tomato Pepper Jam:

1. Blanch and peel the tomatoes, chop them and place them into a medium-size heavy-duty saucepan.

2. Add the remaining ingredients, stir and bring to a simmer over medium heat.

3. Using a candy thermometer, cook the mixture for 1 ½ to 2 hours. The jam should have a thick, honey-like consistency.

Serve with confidence.®


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