At Butterball, we realize there’s one thing that matters above all else—making sure you’re satisfying your patrons. It’s the biggest thing we have in common. After all, we both thrive when you keep people coming back for more. And it’s why, whatever needs arise, we are committed to being your partner through it all.

Each and every product we create, we create with your patrons in mind. All of the recipes and trends we share were created to help you keep them impressed. And all of our resources are focused on knowing exactly what they want. From R&D to our sales team, we’re committed to helping you be at your best.

But it doesn’t just end with your patrons. We believe in being a part of the path to a better world. It’s why we do what’s best for our environment, animals and people. That means we’re setting standards in product quality and safety, animal care, sustainability and employee training and safety. And it means each of our local farms maintains our brand’s heritage of pride.

Our Brands & Products


For generations, Butterball has been consistently delivering quality turkey. Our products are made to please patrons and deliver versatility to your operation.

Carolina Turkey

You can count on Carolina Turkey to deliver a variety of products, from value-based breasts to dark meat offerings.

Farm to Family

Farm to Family® by Butterball® is our line of no-antibiotics-ever, all-natural turkey products. Farm to Family turkeys are provided a vegetarian diet based on whole grains, ensuring they get the important nutrients that they need.

Stance on Antibiotics

Our philosophy is simple: In order to produce the high-quality products you expect from us, it is vital that our turkeys stay healthy.

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The Turkey Experts

For more than 60 years, Butterball has been a leader and innovator in the turkey industry.

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Food Safety

A company is only as good as their food is safe. Providing safe, quality food is our top priority.

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Our Commitment

Learn about our fundamental beliefs and how we put them into action.

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