Bread Takes Center Stage

October 2017

As consumers’ eating habits evolve, bread is becoming less of a must-have at every meal and more of an indulgence. That means chefs are putting more care and thought into what kinds of breads they’re using in their dishes. They’re using bread as a way to bring on-trend flavor to the menu and meet diners’ demand for quality, and you can too.

For some diners, bread is a treat. When they decide to order a sandwich or a carb-heavy dish, they’re looking for noteworthy breads that make the splurge worth it. Here are a few ways you can go the extra mile to make sure your bread choices aren’t falling flat:

    • Bring trending ethnic flavors to your bread offerings. If you’re serving a sandwich with Mexican flavors, consider using a telera. Traditionally used in Mexican tortas, telera rolls increased on menus by 245% from 2011 to 2015. Other ethnic bread choices include Indian naan or roti, the German pretzel roll and the Chinese bao. Add trending global flavors to the menu with our Kimchi Turkey Burger served on a Chinese steamed bun.
    • Go for quality. Diners are seeking premium ingredients in every part of your menu—breads included. To increase customers’ perception of quality while also differentiating your operation, consider making your own breads in house. These White Corn Arepas can help you meet demand for both premium ingredients and ethnic flavor.
    • Be sure bread is more than an afterthought. If diners are making careful selections about bread, that means you should too. Whether you’re rethinking the bread basket or taking a second look at the sandwich menu, it’s important to offer an array of bread options and rotate your selections frequently. Use these recipes for bread variety inspiration:

Browse our sandwich recipes to find even more ways to bring unique breads to the menu, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to see our latest and greatest culinary creations.


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