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Kimchi Turkey Burger

Kimchi Turkey Burger

  • SERVING SIZE 1 burger



Kimchi Turkey Burger

2 tbsp.

Sweet soy sauce

1 ½ tbsp.

Sweet Chili Mayonnaise

1 ea.

Chinese steamed bun or grilled and buttered brioche

⅓ cup



Sweet Chili Mayonnaise

1 qt.

Mayonnaise, heavy duty

¼ cup


1 cup

Sweet hot Thai chili sauce

¼ cup

Mirin (rice wine)

2 tbsp.

Rice wine vinegar



To prepare the Kimchi Turkey Burger:

1. Grill the turkey burger. While it's grilling, baste it with the sweet soy sauce. Cook to an internal temperature of 165ºF.

2. Spread the Sweet Chili Mayonnaise on the bottom portion of the bun and place the cooked burger on top.

3. Top the burger with kimchi.

4. Place the crown of the bun over the kimchi and serve.



To prepare the Sweet Chili Mayonnaise:

1. Combine all the ingredients and blend well.

2. Place in a storage container and refrigerate.

3. Allow the sauce to marinate for 4 hours before serving.


Swap and substitute to make it your own.


All Natural Turkey Burger


To prepare the All Natural Turkey Thigh Burger:

1. Cook to an internal temperature of 165℉ and prepare as an alternative patty to step 1 as listed above.

Serve with confidence.®


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