Take Turkey Beyond Traditional Menu Applications

June 2024

Take Turkey Beyond Traditional Menu Applications

It’s no secret that turkey shines in sandwiches, on breakfast menus and as a healthier swap for beef or pork—but this powerful ingredient has endless possibilities. For chefs and operators who value efficiency and versatility, it's time to incorporate turkey into a variety of dishes.


New Ways to Start the Day

Turkey sausage links and patties are often on the menu as a breakfast side, but there are lots of other ways to add turkey to the morning meal.

  • Turkey Bacon Avocado Egg Boats: Instead of serving turkey bacon as an accompaniment to other breakfast items, try it crumbled atop this baked avocado egg dish for added crisp and savory flavor.
  • French Bread Pizza with Turkey Sausage: Perfect for breakfast or brunch, this French bread pizza is akin to an open-faced sandwich topped with chopped turkey sausage links and other flavorful ingredients like fried egg or pico de gallo.


Something Different for Lunch and Dinner

Turkey burgers, turkey clubs and even turkey salads are common for lunch and dinner. Shake things up by getting creative with turkey prep, presentation and complementary flavor profiles.

  • Three Philosophers Sliders: Why serve just one turkey burger when you can highlight multiple flavors with three mouthwatering minis? These sliders are made using ground turkey—one with a German twist, one topped with turkey bacon and blue cheese, and the third featuring smoked gouda and honey barbecue sauce.
  • Queso Mac & Cheese: Take mac and cheese to the next level when you turn a popular side dish into a hearty meal with the addition of ground turkey.


Smarter Snacking

Think outside “three meals a day” with snacks and small plates. Lean turkey is a perfect foundation for satisfying, high-protein options between meals as well as portable offerings.

  • Turkey Wrap with Mango Chutney: Help diners snack better with a lighter option that meets their cravings for crunchy, savory and sweet flavors in every bite.
  • Mediterranean Power Salad: Packaging makes all the difference when it comes to appealing snacks. This salad is portioned in a clear jar for a bright and flavorful on-the-go option, packed with protein from sliced turkey.


Versatile and efficient, turkey is a delicious ingredient that can be incorporated into all kinds of menu items beyond its traditional uses. Get inspired with even more ways to use turkey, and be sure to share your latest recipe ideas with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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