To-Go Takes on Morning Menus

There is an increasing demand for portable menu options, especially in the morning. Chefs and operators should be taking a second look at menu design, recipes and packaging to make the most of the morning rush.

Not only are patrons looking for quick meals, they’re also seeking quality and variety. Fast-causal restaurants offer the perfect combination of these three attributes and are set to see significant growth in the breakfast category. Quick-service operations also have an opportunity for increased sales, though breakfast menu premiumization is necessary to keep up with rest of the restaurant industry.

Items like sandwiches, wraps, burritos and French toast sticks are growing in popularity due to their portable nature. When it comes to a.m. menus, convenience is key. In the past five years, the menu mentions of breakfast sandwiches have increased by 7%. Burritos have increased by 9.5% from 2008 to 2010. Some items that are less portable have seen a decrease, such as biscuits and gravy, cereal, pancakes and omelets.

Try these breakfast menu options to offer diners ultimate flavor when they’re on the run:

  • Monte Cristo Churros—A sophisticated, sweet-and-savory alternative to French toast sticks, these churros feature roasted turkey and a peppered cherry dipping sauce.
  • Breakfast Turkey Sausage Croissant—This recipe offers an upscale twist on a breakfast sandwich by using a split freshly baked croissant in place of bread.
  • Egg & Red Pepper Hummus Sandwich Thin—Simple flavors come together for a fresh breakfast option perfect for your patrons’ busy mornings.

You can find plenty of new breakfast ideas for on-the-go and more by browsing our E-Z Menu Ideas and Culinary Center. Share your favorites on our Facebook and Twitter pages, too.


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