Steam Kettle vs. Braising Pan: Which is Right for You?

When purchasing a new piece of equipment for your foodservice kitchen, it’s important to make an informed decision. This quick overview can help you get a better understanding of how steam kettles and braising pans work, so you can choose the piece of equipment that best meets your operation’s needs.
Steam Kettle

  • Uses pressurized steam inside a stainless steel “jacket” to heat food items
  • Most kettles heat to 250–300°F
  • Great for preparing large amounts of stew, soup, stock and pasta; also browns meat effectively and quickly
  • Holds food without drying or burning
  • Available with direct steam, gas or electric heat sources
  • Size options to fit a variety of operations’ needs
  • May not be most effective for single-batch cooking

Braising Pan

  • Flat-bottomed unit heated with gas or electricity
  • Great for preparing soup, stew, sauce and much more
  • Can be used for browning, sautéing and braising
  • Flat surface and ability to reach high temperatures allow it to be used as a griddle or fryer
  • Fewer size options available


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