4 Smart hacks to Improve Efficiency at your Operation

4 Smart hacks to Improve Efficiency at your Operation

Looking for ways to streamline your operation and boost efficiency? We’ve got you covered with these four savvy tips to help you save time, money and resources.


  1. Embrace Zero-Waste Cooking

Repurpose unused ingredients like vegetable offcuts to create or enhance recipes. For example, try incorporating broccoli or asparagus stalks into condiments like aioli for sandwiches or as a side. Coffee grounds can be mixed with herbs and spices for a flavorful meat rub or to season roasted veggies. Getting creative with ingredient parts you’d otherwise throw away not only helps reduce waste but also adds unique flavors to your menu.


  1. Join the Online Ordering Trend

Online ordering can’t replace the personal touch your staff provides, but it can improve order accuracy, free up staff from fielding phone calls and allow customers to order in advance or on-site.


  1. Consider Made-to-Order Cooking

With the rise of online ordering, it’s time to rethink the traditional batch cooking approach. Made-to-order meals ensure fresher food, less waste and more precise portion control. This method works especially well for B&I, C&U and healthcare foodservice segments.


  1. Leverage AI for Hiring

Did you know AI can revolutionize your hiring process? Lags in the application process can hurt business with extended periods of understaffing. According to Josh Secrest of Paradox, a conversational hiring platform, “Jobseekers are applying to 15 jobs at a time. If you’re an operator, as soon as you get an application, you almost have to assume you’re competing with 14 other employers.” Adding an AI-powered chat feature on your website can capture applicant information, schedule interviews in real time and send interview reminders to reduce no-shows. By using AI, one 150-unit restaurant company saved $840,000 in recruitment ads, and their hiring process shortened from 10 days to just 36 hours. This approach saves valuable time for both you and your applicants and helps avoid understaffing challenges.


Adopting one or more of these tips can improve efficiency for both front and back of house, from food prep to hiring. Which would help you at your operation? Share your thoughts on Facebook or LinkedIn.







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