Burgers Beyond Beef

Diners are still buzzing about burgers, and they’re craving something other than beef on the bun. Consumers are searching for unique flavors and better-for-you options as they expand their burger horizons. More than half say they’d consider ordering a turkey burger. Turkey burgers fit into the healthy food trend, and they’re also a delicious canvas for a variety of flavor profiles.

Use these guidelines to help refresh your menu by launching a successful non-beef burger program:

  • Consumers aged 18–34 are a driving force behind turkey burger sales—58% are interested in ordering turkey burgers. Appeal to this generation with bold flavors and themed burgers, like Cajun, Southwestern and Asian. Try the New Mexico Turkey Burger featuring chili-lime mayo, guacamole and salsa on a cornmeal-dusted roll.
  • Offer a variety of options. Millennials may be seeking new flavors, but many diners still prefer the traditional ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato. Be sure to have a standard turkey burger on the menu for those with less adventurous taste buds. Even better—try a build-your-own concept. If diners can customize their own burger, you can guarantee everyone will be satisfied.
  • As always, pay extra attention to the details. Use quality ingredients—a perfectly cooked turkey burger can be ruined if the toppings aren’t up to par. Be sure to properly season your turkey burgers and cook to order for the freshest flavor.

With high-quality, on-trend ingredients, your new turkey burgers will keep patrons coming back for more. View our burger recipes to get inspired and start planning your menu additions today.


Burger Consumer Trend Report, Technomic, 2013

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