What’s Your Menu Made Of?

Oct 3, 2016

Sometimes, what your menu is presented on can be just as important as what’s on your menu. Think beyond traditional menu formats to create a memorable dining experience for your patrons. Use these tips for inspiration:

  • Butcher paper menus: Use large rolls of butcher paper to highlight daily specials as a fun and easy low-tech menu technique.
  • Digital menus: From interactive menu boards to tabletop tablets, digital menus offer an interesting change from typical paper versions.
  • Chalkboard menus: These allow you to easily change your specials, with the added whimsical touch of chalkboard art.
  • Themed menus: Use your operation’s theme to your advantage. If your establishment is a pool bar, for example, try printing specials on inflatable beach balls for an engaging way to connect with diners.

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