Why Menu No-Antibiotics-Ever?

August 2018

Positive perceptions of no-antibiotics-ever poultry are growing, and millennials and boomers are a major force behind that growth. By offering no-antibiotics-ever options, you can drive traffic, increase check averages and better align with the values of these two influential demographics.

Today’s diners—especially boomers and millennials—are more health conscious than ever. Better-for-you dishes are in demand at restaurants, and 77% of all diners agree that antibiotic-free poultry is healthier than poultry that’s been treated with antibiotics. Of that 77%, 35% are boomers and 30% are millennials.

Diners are seeking great flavor in addition to health. Of all diners, 44% say antibiotic-free poultry is better tasting, with 30% of that total being boomers and 37% being millennials. Made with fresh herbs and a signature cranberry ketchup, this Herbed Turkey Burger is just one example of how chefs can use no-antibiotics-ever turkey as a canvas for on-trend flavor.

The perceived health and flavor benefits of antibiotic-free poultry make it an appealing choice on restaurant menus—so appealing that diners are seeking it out. When it comes to purchase intent, 74% of diners say they’re more likely to buy antibiotic-free foods than other options that include antibiotics. Of this total percentage, 33% are boomers and 33% are millennials.

Butterball is here to help you meet the evolving demand for antibiotic-free poultry. We’re proud to offer Farm to Family®—a line of no-antibiotics-ever, all-natural turkey products, raised on local family-owned farms and fed an all-vegetarian diet.

Be sure to view our no-antibiotics-ever infographic for a bite-size version of these helpful diner insights.


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