Meet Dieter Demands with Turkey

February 2019

Dieters often find it difficult to eat away from home. But as certain diets rise in popularity, more and more restaurants are updating their menus to better accommodate various eating habits. For instance, Chipotle released a line of Lifestyle Bowls, customized meals to match an array of its customers’ wellness goals. It’s easy to satisfy patron preferences by offering altered versions of dishes, such as low carb or dairy free, and using existing ingredients in new combinations. Explore these frequently followed diets and recipe ideas that meet diners’ requirements:

  • The ketogenic diet, also known as keto, is one of the most common. Technomic reports that 46% of consumers would either try keto or have already tried it and would do it again. The goal of keto is to achieve ketosis, a process in which the body fuels itself with fat as the main source of energy. To enter this state, the recommended daily maximum of carbs is 30g.
  • Paleo is another way of dining, which involves avoiding grains and some starches. According to Technomic, half of consumers reported that they would try Paleo or return to this style of eating. The rule of thumb is to eat as humans did back in Paleolithic times, roughly 10,000 years ago, with an emphasis on protein and fiber. This results in meals free of all processed foods and dairy products.
  • While most diets last indefinitely, Whole30 takes a different approach. Participants stop eating certain cuisines, then gradually reintroduce them after 30 days. The idea is to create a short-term reset of the body, aiming to curb unhealthy cravings, create better eating habits, restore metabolism and digestion, and balance the immune system. According to Technomic, 42% of consumers would experiment with Whole30 or have tried it and would do it for another round. While dairy, grains and legumes are off-limits, this challenge encourages high-protein foods.

Chefs can easily accommodate the demands of these diners with dishes that feature turkey, a high-in-protein, better-for-you option. Products such as Turkey Bacon and All Natural Ground Turkey are versatile and can be incorporated into dishes that meet the general guidelines of these trending diets.

Restaurant operators can make it even easier for dieters by labeling menus with key callouts and training staff to understand the differences in these regimens. With a few small changes, dining can be a pleasurable experience for consumers, no matter their preferences.

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