Make Sauces Even Better

House-made sauces, spreads and condiments are key to menu differentiation. More than 40% of fast-casual diners are willing to pay more for house-made items, and 53% of millennial diners are seeking original sauces that are exclusive to a certain restaurant.
Shake up your sauces by offering one-of-a-kind flavor combinations that will keep diners coming back for more. Try these tips to get started:

  • Spice it up. As consumers’ interest in spicy foods continues to increase, you really can’t go wrong by turning up the heat. Get inspired with this Zesty Lime Sour Cream featuring Tabasco chipotle pepper sauce.
  • Balance it out. Combine sweet and spicy or sweet and savory ingredients to create layered flavors patrons crave. Try this Sweet Chili Mayonnaise for a spicy-sweet option, or Honey Lemon Habanero Pepper Glaze for a unique medley of flavors.
  • Get seasonal. When you introduce seasonal LTOs, don’t forget seasonal sauces, too. Spring and summer sauces—such as Blood Orange Vinaigrette—lend themselves to fresh fruits, while winter and fall options—such as Swiss Cheese Sauce—tend to be more filling or spicier.

For even more house-made sauce inspiration, visit our Culinary Center.

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