How to Keep a Cleaner, More Efficient Operation

Beyond the taste and quality of food, the cleanliness of a restaurant can go a long way in helping to create a positive dining experience. Operators go to great lengths to ensure they always comply with health regulations and serve meals in a sanitary environment, and patrons are more likely to return to a place where they feel safe and comfortable.
For operators who rely on their staff members to maintain the overall appearance and cleanliness of their restaurant, it’s essential to give them a comprehensive plan to follow in addition to providing thorough oversight. Here are some steps to consider as you evaluate and improve on your operating procedures:

  • Tidy up all parts of the building on a regular basis. The seating area is where diners spend most of their time, but the entire operation, including the waiting area and restrooms, should also be well presented to make a good impression and comply with health codes.
  • Stock an ample quantity of soap, sponges, mops and other supplies for employees to wash their hands as well as countertops, floors and more. Industrial-grade dishwashers are also a worthwhile investment for making dishes and utensils as spotless as possible. Just be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines related to the upkeep and replacement of such equipment.
  • Designate certain areas of your kitchen for purposeful food preparation, cooking and disposal. Preparing uncooked meats and fish away from other ingredients prevents cross contamination, and immediate disposal of waste ensures both a sanitary and spacious workplace.
  • Emphasize the kitchen when training your staff in the proper protocols. All the people coming in and out of the back of house could unknowingly contaminate the food. Check with the local health department about the recommended methods for keeping food untainted and sterilizing kitchen tools and appliances.
  • Ask your employees to do their part. To avoid the spread of germs and to keep uniforms clean, they should wear street clothes during their commute and change when they arrive. Advise anyone who gets ill before or during their shift to stay home or leave work early.

What challenges have you come across in your efforts to keep your operation clean? Share your biggest pain point with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and head to our Tips page to find more ways to optimize your operation.


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