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Turkey Integration


Give patrons the option to pick something else. Pulled turkey can be substituted for pulled pork easily. Don’t stop there—let them do it for burgers, breakfast meats, cured deli meats and hot dogs, too.


Offer turkey on your list of à la carte items that can be added to customize salads. Sliced is great for chef’s salads, but you can list pulled turkey, diced turkey and even turkey medallions as add-ons, too.


Add more variety to your menus by using the same turkey product in multiple applications. Sliced turkey can work on a sandwich, in a wrap, on an open-faced melt or even in a chef’s salad. Try to find at least three ways to menu every turkey product you order.


Just about anything you make can be made healthier. Just swap proteins for turkey. Make chili more satisfying with ground turkey and breakfast a better start to the day with turkey bacon and sausage.

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