Attract Potential Employees Through Social Media

Social media has become an effective tool to find new staff members. Job advertising now extends beyond LinkedIn, which remains a popular professional networking site, to other platforms once reserved for personal use. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are budget-friendly ways to post about open positions. Plus, future workers rely on the online presences of companies to research what they’re like well before the first interview.
Here are some tips for using social media to grow your workforce:

  • Tell the brand story. Instead of simply posting a hiring notice, dive into what makes up the brand. This delivers the broader vision of the company and puts values front and center, drawing in like-minded candidates.
  • Show off the staff. Highlighting current staff with spotlight profiles offers potential hires a glimpse into day-to-day duties. It’s helpful to share pictures of employees and their experiences, whether that’s through a blog or social post. Also, reposting content that workers create is not only a great way to drive internal engagement but also an opportunity to show the authenticity of the operation to those outside it.
  • Make career-specific accounts. Starbucks boasts separate pages for future and current employees to learn about company benefits and connect with one another. Starbucks Jobs is a page for applicants to browse employee perks and pick up interview tips, while Starbucks Partners is focused on team members and shares what sets the company culture apart from other businesses.
  • Respond quickly. Marriott uses a 24/7 chatbot feature on Facebook to readily address questions job seekers may have and help guide them through the application process. A fast response time gives them the answers and convenience they want while increasing engagement with the brand. Consider adopting a similar strategy to make the application process as efficient as possible.

Social media is a valuable tool that brings many advantages to restaurants when leveraged skillfully. Telling stories across multiple digital platforms not only attracts more passionate employees with overlapping values but also builds the image of the operation as an ideal place to work and dine.

Do you use social media when hiring? Tell us about it on Facebook or LinkedIn. For more strategies, take a look at our Tips page.


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