July 10, 2018

Butterball Foodservice’s New Ground Turkey Clipless Packaging Increases Food Safety

Innovative Investment in Durable Cryovac® Film Results in Added Convenience…

Innovative Investment in Durable Cryovac® Film Results in Added Convenience for Operators

Butterball Foodservice’s 5- and 10-pound sizes of ground turkey* are now easier and safer for operators to store, handle and cook, thanks to packaging technology from the Cryovac® Division of Sealed Air Corp®.

As the first turkey supplier to use this packaging, Butterball invested in the new equipment primarily to improve food safety. Previously, these products came in a cylindrical shape, with fastened metal clips at each end. The new film doesn’t require any clips, so there’s no chance of them getting misplaced and inadvertently ending up in food.

The new rectangular product shape is easier to stack and takes up less freezer space for operators. The film is tough enough to withstand movement during shipping, prevent leaks and avoid punctures. With the help of this durable packaging, Butterball ground turkey maintains its flavor while being transported, stored and cooked.

Butterball Foodservice Senior Director of National Accounts/Marketing Richie Jenkins said, “The switch to Cryovac packaging is another example of our commitment to investing in smart innovation so our customers can serve Butterball products with confidence. Food safety is a top priority for operators, and our new Butterball ground turkey packaging meets that need while also allowing chefs to create delicious dishes for their diners.”

Operators can learn more about Butterball’s dedication to innovation and contact their local foodservice broker to order Butterball ground turkey in the new packaging.


About Butterball Foodservice:

Butterball, headquartered in Garner, North Carolina, is the largest producer of turkey products in the U.S.—producing more than 1.5 billion pounds of turkey each year. For more than 60 years, the company has provided foodservice and retail products to customers and consumers around the world. As a division of Butterball, LLC, Butterball Foodservice is committed to ensuring anyone can serve America’s favorite turkey with confidence. Operators trust the Butterball brand to always deliver consistently high-quality products and superior customer service. For menu inspiration and information on the wide variety of turkey products available, visit www.ButterballFoodservice.com. Find Butterball Foodservice on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn.


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*Butterball Chorizo Ground Turkey and Ground Turkey Sausage were not part of the packaging changes.

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