Step up Your Sandwiches for National Sandwich Month

Aug 1, 2019

August is National Sandwich Month, a tribute to a well-loved and versatile food. There’s always a place on the menu for this classic, as 42% of consumers eat sandwiches away from home one or more times per week. To get the most out of this celebration, consider these ways to dress up your offerings:

Prioritize meats. According to 60% of consumers, meat quality is the most important factor for sandwiches. In addition, 41% are likely to order sliced turkey for lunch and dinner sandwiches. Pile on the protein with The Rachel, which has a heap of cool red cabbage slaw and slices of premium Butterball turkey coming together on rye.

Get creative. Nearly 40% of consumers want restaurants to menu more sandwiches that have new or unique flavors. Shake it up with this Pavo (Turkey) Saltado, a Peruvian-inspired turkey stir-fry topped with veggies and fried matchstick potatoes in a ciabatta roll.

Go Italiano. Sandwiches with Italian flair are popular among diners, 61% of whom are likely to purchase them. In this Turkey Antipasto Panini, smoked turkey breast mingles with roasted peppers to bring forward indulgent Mediterranean flavors.

Make mornings matter. Nearly 60% of guests order breakfast sandwiches away from home at least one time each month, and when it comes to breads, 40% say that they’re likely to order a biscuit sandwich for breakfast. Guests can rise and shine with this Triple Decker Towering Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich, a delectable stack of egg, crisp turkey bacon, turkey sausage patties, goat cheese and sautéed apples.

Wrap it up. More than 40% of consumers choose sandwiches from grab-and-go options at foodservice locations. This portable Turkey Wrap with Mango Chutney is perfect for guests in a hurry or those looking for a splash of sweetness.

Watch the date. Fresh ingredients are important, especially to the 66% of diners who use them as deciding factors in the sandwich type they order. Recipes such as this Baja Turkey Salad Wrap leave plenty of room for high-quality turkey and summery salad fixings.

Sandwiches are just one of the many ways to draw on turkey’s potential. Turkey is not only a better-for-you protein that’s low in fat and sodium but also a canvas for endless flavor combinations. Whether chefs experiment with trending flavors through LTOs or opt for classic sandwiches on the menu, turkey can bring more range and revenue.

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