Turkey Burgers Trending Up

With the Better Burger trend, operations are seeing more customer cravings for meat other than beef. Butterball's proprietary research recently found that almost half of consumers (48%) said when eating at a restaurant they "want to have the option for a turkey burger instead of a beef burger."

Mintel Menu Insights database shows that the number of turkey burgers has risen 53% in the last three years. Some customers are more likely to want turkey burgers to meet their burger craving.

  • Higher-income consumers ($100K+) are most likely to say they want a turkey burger option.
  • 25–35 year-old consumers are also more likely to want a turkey burger instead of beef.
  • Turkey burgers appeal to a third of consumers, with females more likely to order a turkey burger than men (38% female vs. 30% male).
  • At Full Service Restaurants, the strongest growth for turkey was seen in the burger category.

It's clear that operators see the perfect timing for turkey burgers too. In March 2011, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. became the first national fast-food chains to add turkey burgers to their permanent menu. Plus, 50% of operators agree that turkey burgers are a low-fat, high-protein alternative to red meat.

When the trend is burgers and the need is a protein that's lower in fat and cholesterol but still full of flavor, it's time for turkey.

Butterball Proprietary Consumer Study, January 2013

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