Menu Innovation for Big Breakfast Sales

The morning daypart continues to offer the most opportunity for incremental sales and customer loyalty. Keep customers interested by innovating your breakfast offerings. A simple menu refresh is all it takes to tempt the taste buds of diners, both regulars and newcomers to your operation.

Build a better breakfast position by offering new entrées. In 2012, 70% of all breakfast operators added a new morning item. With so many operators breaking into the breakfast daypart, now it is more important than ever to differentiate your menu. Instead of adding basic breakfast sandwiches and predictable platters, serve fresh, premium options. Not only will you appeal to more customers, but you will also be able to use upscale ingredients to increase check averages. Try these menu items as general ideas to inspire beautiful new breakfasts:

  • Turkey Croques Madame—Nothing says classy like a French-inspired breakfast treat. This breakfast sandwich with a twist includes Gruyere cheese, Dijon mustard, crisp turkey bacon and sliced deli turkey between two slices of French toast. Be sure to use a detailed descriptor on your menu in case diners are intimidated by the name.
  • Creamed Turkey Medallion-Stuffed Crêpes—This dish offers an upscale take on breakfast gravy. Impress diners with the sophisticated flavors of turkey velouté, fresh rosemary, Swiss cheese and sliced turkey medallions, complete with crêpes in place of traditional eggs or pancakes.

In addition to introducing new items to satisfy diners’ cravings for more sophisticated flavors, there are also minor menu and marketing shifts you can make to keep up with the breakfast crowd. If you have an all-star breakfast entrée, there’s no reason it should be limited to the morning daypart. More than half of diners say all-day breakfast is a factor they take into consideration when selecting a restaurant to visit. You can also try offering diners a loyalty “breakfast club” card to give them an incentive to choose your operation for morning meals more often.

For more ways to upgrade your menu, visit our E-Z Menu Ideas and browse our Culinary Center. You can keep up with the latest breakfast trends by following our Facebook and Twitter pages, too.


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