Make Turkey a Part of Healthy Breakfasts

By offering more turkey products on your breakfast menu, you can give health-minded patrons more to love in the morning. One in four customers say that they're eating more turkey for breakfast than they did two years ago. This comes as no big surprise when you consider that so many diners perceive it as a healthy alternative. In fact, 61% say turkey is healthier than other proteins like beef or pork.

Seven out of ten consumers report they'll increase their turkey purchases from restaurants because they're trying to eat more healthfully and consider turkey to be healthier than other meats. And while they're in it for the health, they also care a lot about flavor and having a variety of options, which means operations have room to be creative, too.

Offer turkey breakfast sausage and turkey bacon as options next to traditional meats on your à la carte menu. Be sure to let patrons know that they're available for breakfast sandwiches too. Pair sliced turkey with egg whites and skinny bagels to attract consumers on the go. Above all, get creative with turkey on your breakfast menu to keep the early crowd coming back for more.

Try these morning meal offers that will satisfy healthy diners, whether they crave comfort food or sophistication:

  • Turkey Stuffed Crêpes: Crêpes stuffed with turkey and Gruyère, grilled to melt and served with chive and tomato scrambled eggs.
  • Creamed Turkey: A healthy twist on creamed chip beef; creamed turkey and wild mushrooms are served over herbed biscuits.
  • Breakfast Flatbreads: A grilled thin-crust flatbread is topped with dollops of Boursin cheese, scrambled eggs, crispy chopped turkey bacon, fresh diced tomatoes and sliced avocado.
  • Scrambled BLT Wrap: Sun-dried tomato tortilla with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, fresh spinach, tomatoes, avocados and Jack and Cheddar cheeses.

Check out our full line of turkey breakfast meats and find more healthy turkey breakfast inspiration in our Breakfast E-Z Menu Ideas.

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