Key Elements of Breakfast

There's no denying that certain foods are just expected on morning menus. By making sure you have these covered, you can appeal to more morning diners and have a way to creatively branch off into adventurous, flavorful specials.


Hash browns in all shapes and sizes are essential to completing their morning. Offer these comforting skillet-style potatoes as an à la carte item, and as a part of combo deals to add value. Boost check averages by allowing customers to add cheese, onions, peppers or even gravy.


Elevate the egg beyond the traditional scramble with a wide variety of options for customers. From quiche to frittatas to egg strata, don't be afraid to veer from sunny side up. Omelets are always big too—use them to experiment with ethnic flavors and ingredients.


Toast is terrific, but biscuits bring the flavor of down-home cooking to the table. Make them fresh from scratch in the morning and offer them with your breads. Don't forget to use them as a great base for breakfast sandwiches to go.


A staple on breakfast menus, glam up pancakes and waffles with toppings. Fruit and chocolate chips are sure sellers, but think outside the box with candies, nuts or even flavored syrups. Expand past the morning and cash in on the chicken and waffles trend, too.


Whatever you do, DO NOT forget the bacon. And sausage, too. Be sure to have a wide variety to offer patrons, including healthier alternatives to traditional breakfast meats, like Butterball's Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage Patties and Turkey Sausage Links. Amp up the flavor with Maple Turkey Breakfast Sausage.

Watch Chef Tony put some of these favorite items to work in his Video Inspiration section of Turkey Time.

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