How to Build Staff Camaraderie

Teamwork is the cornerstone of a successful business. Operators can do their part to help their employees feel more like family instead of just colleagues. Whether it’s inside or outside of the workplace, connecting with coworkers has many benefits.


Here are some ways to encourage camaraderie among your staff:

  • Sell a round of drinks. At Billy Can Can in Dallas, Texas, diners can buy drinks for kitchen staff who don’t typically earn tips. The menu features a “Beers for the Back” option for $10, allowing employees to pick two beers to enjoy together after hours. For those who choose not to drink, they can take the cash payout instead.
  • Bridge the age gap. Pairing younger workers with more senior ones improves the performance of both groups, according to The Harvard Business Review. People close in age tend to be more competitive with each other than with members of other generations. This also brings together individuals that may not have befriended one another on their own.
  • Work up a sweat. Exercise is a great way for coworkers to bond while improving their health. Twice a week, staff at NoMad Hotel go out for morning and midnight runs led by the director of food and beverage. Consider other intermural team activities, such as softball or soccer.
  • Make time to play. Group bonding should be fun, whether it’s a game day full of trivia and boardgames or taking an improv workshop, which more and more businesses use to improve collaboration and listening skills. For even more excitement, do an escape room—a team activity in which people trapped in a room must work together to solve clues and escape.

No matter how your operation builds its sense of community, the purpose is to make employees feel welcome and connect on a deeper level.  In turn, this will allow your operation to succeed.


What are some ways that your staff bonds? Share your experiences on Facebook or LinkedIn. For more operational strategies, check out our Tips page.


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