Burgers Still Boom

Burgers have always been popular, but lately, the Better Burger trend has made sure that burgers will remain profitable for operators in the year to come. When you consider that burgers are purchased away from home more often than any other sandwich, it's no wonder that the Better Burger trend—with more customization, excitement, and experimentation on the bun—has customers wanting more. It offers a favorite in new ways.

With U.S. sales of about $69 billion, the limited-service burger segment is the largest menu segment by revenue in the restaurant industry. According to Datassential, 44% of all restaurants have some type of burger on their menu. Continuing to improve your burger offers can even bring in more people for dinner. Technomic recently found burgers are preferred at dinner more often than lunch.

It's clear that leaving burgers off your menu may mean missing out on profits.

  • Top three preferred sandwiches for lunch: Burgers, deli and sub sandwiches.
  • Top three preferred sandwiches for dinner: Burgers, sub and deli sandwiches.

Get your buns and menus ready for better burgers (and better turkey burgers) from Butterball.

Technomic, The Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 2012

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