Curry Meatballs

Curry Meatballs

6 fl oz scoop

Serving Size

Chef Brenda

This recipe was developed and approved by Chef Brenda

This aromatic dish features turkey meatballs simmered in creamy coconut milk and a boldly flavored sauce. Top with cilantro and serve with warm rice and steamed or roasted vegetables.

Ingredients Show More


50 Portions

100 Portions

Butterball Turkey Meatballs

50 Portions 10 lb or 2 bags

100 Portions 20 lbs or 4 bags

Long grain parboiled brown rice, dry (2 oz eq per serving)

50 Portions 6 lb 4 oz or 3 ½ qt 2/3 cup

100 Portions 12 lb 8 oz or 1 gal 2 qt 2 1/3 cups

Water, hot

50 Portions 200 fl oz or 1 gal 2 qt 1 cup

100 Portions 400 fl oz or 3 gal 2 cups

Vegetable oil

50 Portions ¼ cup

100 Portions ½ cup

Curry powder, dry

50 Portions ¾ cup

100 Portions 1 ½ cup

Granulated garlic

50 Portions ¼ cup

100 Portions ½ cup

Ginger, ground

50 Portions 2 tsp

100 Portions 1 Tbsp 1 tsp

Chicken broth, low sodium

50 Portions 1 qt

100 Portions 2 qts

Coconut milk, lite

50 Portions 2 – 15.5 oz cans or 3 1/3 cups

100 Portions 4 – 15.5 oz cans or 1 qt 2/3 cups


50 Portions ½ cup

100 Portions 1 cup

Water, tap

50 Portions 4 fl oz or ½ cup

100 Portions 8 fl oz or 1 cup

Cilantro, fresh, chopped

50 Portions 6 ¼ oz or 3 cups 2 Tbsp

100 Portions 12 ½ oz or 1 qt 2 ¼ cups

Directions Show More

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Cook Rice: For 50 or 100 servings: Spray 12” x 20” x 4” hotel/steamtable pan with cooking spray. Place rice and hot water in pan. Stir to combine and cover tightly with foil. Bake for 1 hour or until water is absorbed. CCP: Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  3. Bloom Seasonings in the Oven: For each 50 servings: Add ¼ cup vegetable oil, ¾ cup curry powder, ¼ cup granulated garlic, and 2 tsp ginger into a 4” steamtable pan. Mash oil and seasonings together until well incorporated. Spread out into thin chunks in the bottom of the pan. Place in the oven and bake for 3 minutes. Remove from the oven and stir seasonings. Place back into oven and roast for 2-3 more minutes. Remove from the oven.
  4. Prepare Sauce: Whisk or use an immersion blender to combine chicken broth and coconut milk with the seasonings until clumps of seasonings are well combined. Place sauce in the oven uncovered. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the sides of the sauce begin to bubble in the oven. While sauce is heating in the oven, make a slurry by whisking water and cornstarch together. Once sauce begins to bubble remove from the oven and slowly whisk the slurry into the sauce. Place back in the oven and bake for 10-15 more minutes. Remove from the oven. Use a spatula to remove sauce sticking to the side of the pan. Whisk until smooth. CCP: Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  5. Bake Meatballs: Place 1-bag meatballs in a single layer on a full sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Bake for 10 minutes. Using hot pads hold onto the corners of the parchment paper and shake the meatballs to toss them. Turn and rotate meatballs onto different racks. Bake for 10 more minutes or until 165°F. Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  6. Toss Sauce & Meatballs. Toss 2 sheet pans (2-bags) meatballs into each pan of sauce. Using a heat resistant rubber spatula, toss sauce with meatballs. CCP: Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  7. Serve: Serve 6 fl oz spoodle with 6 meatballs and half full of sauce over 1 cup (8 fl oz spoodle or 2-#8 scoops) rice. Garnish with 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro.

CCP: Chef’s Serving Recommendations: Serve with steamed or roasted vegetables such as snow peas, cabbage, carrots, and onions. Chef Notes: Rice grown in the US is high quality and should not be rinsed to maintain nutrient values. Cooking times may vary from oven to oven. It is always best to conduct a test run for the first time.

Nutrients per Serving Show More

Calories 439 kcal

Saturated Fat 5 g

Trans Fat 0 g

Total Fat 16 g

Cholesterol 48 mg

Calcium 36 mg

Total Dietary Fiber 4 g

Iron 10 mg

Sodium 762 mg

Sugars 1 g

Carbohydrate 54 g

Vitamin A 0 IU

Vitamin C 1 mg

Protein 20 g


Meat/Meat Alt 1.5 oz. eq.

Grain 2 oz. eq.

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