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Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Medallions

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Medallions

  • SERVING SIZE2 medallions



Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Medallions

Yield: 12 medallions 

24 slices

4 cups


Bourbon Sauce, as needed

Fresh herbs, optional








Yield: 6 cups 

¼ cup


1 qt.

Apple cider

2 cups


4 ea.

Cinnamon sticks

⅓ cup

Shallots, finely chopped

⅓ cup

Garlic, minced

Salt and pepper, as needed


Bourbon Sauce

2 cups

Butter, melted

2 cups

Reserved marinade

Salt and pepper, as needed



To prepare the Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Medallions:

1. Wrap each slice of bacon around a turkey medallion and secure it with a wooden toothpick.

2. Place the wrapped medallions in the Marinade, cover them and refrigerate them for 4 hours or overnight.

3. Spray a grill rack with nonstick vegetable spray.

4. Remove the turkey medallions from the Marinade, and set the Marinade to the side.

5. Place the medallions on the grill rack, about 4 inches from the heat. Grill for about 4 to 5 minutes, brush with the reserved Marinade and turn once. Continue to grill for another 4 to 5 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 170℉.

6. Nap each warmed dinner plate with ⅓ cup of Bourbon Sauce. Portion 2 medallions on each dinner plate. Ladle additional Bourbon Sauce across the top of the medallions, as desired. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve.


To prepare the Marinade:

1. Blend all the marinade ingredients together in a shallow glass container. Reserve 2 cups of marinade to use in the Bourbon Sauce. Cover and refrigerate the remaining marinade.








To prepare the Bourbon Sauce:

1. Mix the butter with the reserved marinade. Over medium heat, cook the sauce to reduce to desired consistency, stirring occasionally. Add salt and pepper to taste, and reserve, warm.


Swap and substitute to make it your own.

Serve with confidence.®


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