Build Employee Loyalty

Feb 3, 2017

It’s critical for chefs and operators to build loyalty among customers, but as you know, it doesn’t stop there. Creating camaraderie and maintaining a full staff of reliable employees is essential for your business, but can be an ongoing challenge.

Consider these tips to continue to create an environment that fosters success:

  • Provide effective training to staff members. Consider what to emphasize in the first week, but also what ongoing opportunities there are to reinforce good habits and correct any negative behaviors. Keep in mind what each staff’s primary objective is for your operation and ensure all training reinforcement is focused on supporting that aspect. Remember, a little encouragement and patience go a long way.
  • Identify ways to enhance your total compensation packages. Often, this starts with benefits and wages. For example, an hourly employee could receive a higher take-home pay than a salaried employee, but that doesn’t take the cost of healthcare into consideration. Others are motivated by more flexible work schedules or spot bonuses—all of which result in more productive employees.
  • Create opportunities for staff growth. For some, this could mean tuition reimbursement or employee scholarships for career development. For others, it could be showing a commitment to promoting employees from within or providing a donation to their charity of choice to encourage a well-rounded approach to their lives. All aspects go toward forming an experienced, loyal team.

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