Back-of-House Tips and Tricks: Portioning

Sep 4, 2015

Back-of-house prep procedures can often determine the overall success of an operation. Slow prepping processes can cause longer wait times, resulting in unhappy customers. Inefficient prepping can also lead to more food waste and decreased profit. For a more seamless back of house, try these tips on portioning:

  • Portioning matters. Be sure your employees have the tools they need to provide accurate portions. Check your measuring tools frequently—calibrate scales and be sure cups and spoons are intact.
  • Make it visual. Some operations label back-of-house prep stations with images to make sure every dish looks the same before it’s served. Using images to show proper portion sizes can help your more visual back-of-house employees.
  • Pre-portioning is key. Try to pre-portion as much as possible—from meats and vegetables to pastas and sauces. Pre-portioning reduces prep time on the line, as cooks don’t have to spend extra time measuring. It also helps to ensure that each dish served is consistent, reducing waste.