Add Turkey to St. Patrick’s Day Picks

Mar 4, 2016

Most authentic Irish meals do not include turkey, but it can be fun and interesting to add a modern twist to the typical dishes served on St. Patrick’s Day. Attract diners with lighter LTOs that feature turkey in place of pork or beef. Use these ideas for inspiration:

  • Shepherd’s Pie: Use ground turkey in place of beef for a lightened up version of shepherd’s pie. Check out this recipe for a turkey version of the classic St. Patrick’s Day favorite.
  • Corned Turkey: Serve the delicious flavor of corned beef without the excess calories and fat. This recipe uses brown sugar, pickling spices, garlic and salt to bring the taste of corned beef to turkey breast. Slice and serve in a reuben sandwich or as a center-of-plate option with cabbage and potatoes.
  • Stew: Turkey stew can taste just as hearty and comforting as beef versions. Pack with veggies for a great-tasting better-for-you St. Patty’s Day meal. Try this recipe.