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Our Responsibility

We're dedicated to providing the best possible care for our turkeys. It's the only way we can supply the high-quality, nutritious products our customers expect. From our family farms to our processing facilities, we commit significant resources to strengthen our already rigorous standards for animal care and well-being.

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Family Farmers

We wouldn't be the world's largest vertically integrated turkey processor without our network of family-owned farms. That's where it all starts.

Butterball turkeys are raised on family-owned farms, where individual farmers provide the daily care of the animals in accordance with the American Humane Association. Our advisors visit regularly and monitor to make sure Butterball's high standards are met. Together, we work to raise healthy animals—humanely.

Employee Training

All employees who come in contact with our turkeys receive thorough training. To maximize effectiveness and stay up to date on new standards, our employees participate in continual, targeted training sessions throughout the year based on a curriculum tailored to their specific job at Butterball.

We know that the welfare of our animals is in the hands of our employees, so we have a zero-tolerance policy for breached standards.

American Humane Association Certification

You can be confident in knowing that all of our products now bear the American Humane Certified™ (AHC) seal, verifying our commitment to animal welfare.

  • AHC is the USA's first independent, third-party humane certification program for farm animals
  • We meet or exceed 200+ rigorous, scientifically based standards, ensuring our turkeys receive adequate space, sufficient lighting, proper air quality, humane treatment, the ability to engage in natural behaviors and more
  • As an industry leader, Butterball was the nation's first turkey brand to receive certification under the AHC program

Animal Care and Well-Being Advisory Council

This independent council is made up of leading specialists in animal husbandry and care. The council works with leading animal scientists, veterinary scholars and other industry experts to ensure our standards remain the highest in the industry. In doing so, they are responsible for driving continuous improvement in animal care and well-being practices, reviewing Butterball's processes, making new recommendations and creating an open forum to share best practices and new developments in turkey well-being.

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