Slice into Breakfast Pizza

August 2016

What happens when you combine trending breakfast dishes and a perennial patron favorite? Delicious breakfast pizza is popping up on menus across the nation as more and more restaurants begin to offer breakfast all day. Breakfast pizza sales in 2015 were estimated at $52.2 billion, and expected to reach $60.4 billion by 2019.

There are many ways to slice into this up-and-coming menu trend. Use these tips to start serving the best breakfast pizza today:

  • Use the popularity of eggs to your advantage. They’re a perfect pizza topping, whether they’re fried or scrambled.
  • Breakfast pizza can be a platform for experimenting with fusion cuisine. Try Korean-style toppings or spiced-up Mexican ingredients.
  • Offer better-for-you options with turkey toppings instead of other proteins typically higher in fat or calories. Turkey bacon, turkey sausage and sliced turkey medallions make delicious breakfast pizza additions.
  • Don’t be limited to savory pizzas. Breakfast staple ingredients like honey, maple syrup, fruit and chocolate-hazelnut spread can help you create sweet dessert-style applications.

Browse our Culinary Center to find on-trend breakfast dishes and more, and be sure to check out our full line of great-tasting turkey products.


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