Keeping up with the Evolution of Health

September 2019

Keeping up with the Evolution of Health

Eating habits change as the result of many different factors, from age to simply learning more about nutrition. No matter the ways in which diets have transformed, turkey remains a protein that helps people work toward their goals of feeling good. Here are a few ways the definition of health has changed over time and how turkey fits in:


Weight Loss

For a long time, people were largely concerned about weight management when it came to health. They chose fare that made them reach for snacks less often as a way to reduce the number on the scale. Foods packed with protein—particularly lean meats like turkey—played a helpful role in weight loss and still do today. High-protein foods keep diners feeling fuller for longer and require the body to use more energy to break down and metabolize nutrients, burning more calories as a result.


Clean Eating

Eventually, healthy eating shifted from weight loss to building better habits, most notably with clean eating. While its definition varies from person to person, clean eating encourages people to read labels and avoid foods with additives and preservatives. It even extends to the humane treatment of animals. This ultimately gives rise to more transparency, which benefits everyone, from the manufacturer to diners. At Butterball, we offer all-natural products as well as our Farm to Family® line of no-antibiotics-ever products. Animal care and well-being have always been central to who we are as a company, and we’re proud to be the nation's first turkey brand to become American Humane CertifiedTM.


Functional Benefits

Fast-forward to today, when more and more consumers believe healthy means experiencing functional benefits. While functional foods increase in demand, those in the foodservice industry expect that this will progress into a desire for foods with natural enhancements. Turkey is a great choice as it’s a complete protein, which means it has all nine essential amino acids that help the body build, maintain and restore muscle. This protein has all kinds of positive effects on the immune system and keeps other functions strong. And some people may not know it, but turkey is loaded with B vitamins, which support adrenal function and help maintain a healthy nervous system. It’s also a gold mine of minerals, such as iron and zinc. Learn more about the functional benefits of turkey with this infographic.


Turkey has extensive health benefits, which point to it being a permanent part of a balanced diet. Taking advantage of this all-powerful protein on menus will keep diners happy and healthy.


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