Innovate with New Flavor Combinations

March 2018

Today's diners know a lot about food, whether through online sources, word of mouth or their own travels, and they're seeking out unique tastes in foodservice. According to Technomic, 73% of consumers are more likely to go to a restaurant that features new flavors.

A big part of this culinary exploration is finding different pairings that complement each other. Technomic's research shows that consumers' favorite combinations start with something sweet, which is then mixed with something savory (53%), sour (51%) or smoky (51%).

Fruit, honey, molasses, maple syrup and sugar are among the ingredients chefs are using to add an element of sweetness and make a menu item's flavor profile more complex. Creating contrast with a side sauce is a good way to let patrons have some control over the experience and find the right balance for their palate.

Turkey is a versatile, delicious starting point for innovative recipes. See how to sweeten up this savory protein in the following recipe inspirations:

How have you brought different tastes together? Share your creations on Facebook and LinkedIn, and keep up with other developing trends in our Resource Center.


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