Healthcare SegmentFrom patients and visitors to healthcare staff, it’s up to you to menu great-tasting meals that meet the needs of a diverse group of diners. With specific nutritional requirements and various dietary restrictions, it may seem nearly impossible to find the versatile products you need. Look no further—your search for the perfect protein ends here. Nearly 93% of non-commercial operators menu turkey, and the number is continuing to grow. Turkey is a delicious option, ideal for a range of tastes and works well in all dayparts. Butterball has an assortment of low-sodium, low-fat and low-cholesterol options designed with healthcare foodservice in mind.


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All American Grill Turkey Burger - 5.33oz
All Dark Meat Turkey Burger with a Classic Grill Flavor A traditional All American burger lightly se...
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All Natural Mediterranean White Turkey Burger - 5.33oz
A healthy alternative to beef, the All Natural Mediterranean Turkey Burger is made from 100% top-gra...
Savory White Turkey Burger, 4oz
Healthy Alternative to Beef Burgers...
4oz Turkey Breast Filet
Portion Controlled, Enhanced with moisture for better performance...
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Sliced Turkey Medallions
These boneless, skinless medallions have excellent flavor and texture. Fully cooked and individually...
Classic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Traditionally shaped whole muscle breast meat, this three-piece, skinless turkey breast is perfect f...

Nutritional Benefits

We can help you serve options that comply with all sorts of specialty diets, without sacrificing taste or quality. From healthy patient meals and snacks for staff to delicious cafeteria offerings, you can find everything you need from Butterball.

One serving of Butterball cooked sausage links contains 50% less sodium than a leading pork sausage link

One serving of cooked ground turkey has only 11 grams of fat, compared to ground beef with 15 grams

One serving of roasted turkey breast contains 26 grams of protein and just 115 calories, compared to chicken breast with 140 calories

Serve with confidence.®


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