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The Turkey Cuban

The Turkey Cuban

  • SERVING SIZE 1 sandwich

This non-traditional take on a classic sandwich features turkey ham, grilled turkey breast filets and pickled red onions. Pair with sweet potato fries for a great-tasting lunch or dinner special.



The Turkey Cuban

1 roll

Fresh Cuban bread or sub roll

2 tbsp.

Spicy honey mustard

2 slices

Sandwich pickles, sliced lengthwise

2 slices

Swiss cheese, ¾-oz. slices

2 tbsp.

Pickled Red Onions


Pickled Red Onions

2 tbsp.

Olive oil

8 oz.

Red onions, sliced

1 ½ tbsp.


¼ tsp.


2 oz.

Red wine vinegar

1 tbsp.

Red wine

1 tbsp.

Currant jelly

1 tbsp.

Golden raisins



To prepare the Turkey Cuban:

1. Open the Cuban bread or sub roll and spread the mustard on both sides of the inside.

2. Place the sliced pickles over the mustard.

3. Place the turkey filet and turkey ham on both sides of the roll and top with the Swiss cheese.

4. Place under the broiler to melt the cheese. Remove when melted.

5. Place the Pickled Red Onions over the melted cheese.

6. Close the sandwich and cut in half on a bias and serve.




To prepare the Pickled Red Onions:

1. Heat the oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the red onions. Sauté until soft; do not brown. Remove from the heat.

2. Stir in the sugar, salt, vinegar, wine, currant jelly and raisins. Blend. Chill.


Swap and substitute to make it your own.

Serve with confidence.®


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