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Take Chef Tony out to the Ball Game

Nov 6, 2018

I’ve always enjoyed going to baseball games with my family and friends, and within the past few years, I’ve seen a major shift in the ballpark atmosphere. Today, it doesn’t really matter whether you follow the game. There’s so much to see, do and—not surprisingly—eat.
With a battery of chefs on staff, stadium operators are upping the quality and selection of food available. While you can certainly still order the classics, there’s now so much more than peanuts and Cracker Jack on the menu. One of the most memorable baseball games I attended this year was in St. Louis, between the Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. I was really impressed by the culinary scene and all the neat things going on.

Stadium operators are doing an excellent job of making sure they’re offering something for everyone. I’ve seen this come to life in the form of many small kiosks. While I was at Busch Stadium, I came across Asian dishes, build-your-own-salad stations, pork street tacos, shrimp skewers and more. I was happy to see they offered turkey burgers, a smoked turkey basket and a smoked turkey plate as well.

I think there’s a great opportunity for turkey on stadium menus. It’s the perfect option for fans seeking healthier meals, and it can be made as portable as it needs to be. Sandwiches are a given, but I’d also love to see more turkey chili, as well as more ethnic dishes made using turkey. The Pavo (Turkey) Saltado would be a great way to bring a bit of Peruvian flair to the menu while keeping the health halo of turkey. It’s a versatile protein that can be used in all the ways chefs use chicken, beef and pork.

What’s the best meal you’ve had at a stadium? Share your culinary experience with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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