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Product Spotlight: Premium Turkey Thigh Bacon

Apr 26, 2018

I’ve learned about all kinds of ingredients during my years as a chef, and since I started working with the Butterball team, I’ve gotten to help develop new products that fit the needs of the chefs we serve. I did just that for one of the recent additions to our lineup, Premium Turkey Thigh Bacon, which gives operators another option for bringing this popular food to the menu.
Butterball is pretty well known for our turkey bacon—we noticed that consumers love its taste and texture, and they think more bacon is always better. To offer bigger strips of turkey bacon, we decided to put out this new product made with thigh meat, which is thicker and better able to take on various flavors. I like the thicker cut of this turkey bacon because it has a great texture and retains its flavor profile when cooked.

One of my biggest takeaways about the flavor is how smoky it is, making it taste more like pork bacon—but it still has considerably less fat. That makes it a good fit for patrons who love bacon but are looking for a healthier alternative. For chefs, there’s a bit more forgiveness to the premium turkey bacon because it can go unattended for longer when cooking and get crispy without burning, which is great for those who prefer their meat well done.

In terms of how to incorporate this product on the menu, the possibilities are endless. Try it as a side for breakfast. Pair it with other breakfast items in a recipe, such as the Country Fried Turkey Waffler. Pile it in a sandwich—maybe the Empire State Bagel or the Ugly Tomato BLTT. Or mix it into mac and cheese or baked beans. The list goes on and on.

My favorite way to eat and serve it is in Turkey Bacon Avocado Toast. What’s your favorite preparation for turkey bacon? Fill me in on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Talk to you soon!