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Chef Tony’s Farewell

Dec 3, 2018

This month’s message is going to be a little bittersweet. That’s because it’s my very last time sharing my thoughts with you in my current role at Butterball Foodservice. While it’s been an amazing and memorable experience, I’m officially retiring at the end of this year.
I’m happy to say I had so many great opportunities and great friends at Butterball. It’s tough to leave. The people I work with are my family. They’ve become confidants, and that’s what I’ll miss the most from a personal aspect. Professionally, I really enjoyed creating recipes and helping chefs find products and applications that lead them to success. I’ll miss showing people, both internally and externally, what flexibility we have with turkey.

That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to spending more time with my friends and family in retirement. I have lots of plans to travel and stay active. The first thing I’m going to do as a retired chef is make a trip to New York to see my grandkids.

Even though I’m going to be retired, I don’t think there will ever be a time that I’m not an advocate for turkey and all the ways it can be used throughout the day, whether you’re cooking it at home for your family or in your operation to serve guests. That’s something that’s going to always stick with me.

Thank you, and bon appétit!