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An Ode to Turkey

Jun 3, 2019

Since the beginning of history, people have used poetry to express their love. June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month—the perfect time to share how head over heels we are for turkey. To celebrate our favorite month of the year, we’ve penned a little ode to our muse.

We mean not
the country in the Middle East
but the culinary star
of America’s best feast.

This canvas for flavor
elevates recipes
as a secret weapon,
one of cooking’s necessities.

It’s low in fat,
tasty and lean.
Make way, red meat,
for a better protein.

Don’t stop in November;
serve it elsewhere:
in sandwiches, on pizzas
or in ethnic fare.

Use it across all dayparts,
from morning ’til night.
Make it hearty and rich
or something light.

There’s so much joy
and taste to discover
in this happiest month
for a turkey lover.