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A Close Look at Our Traditions with Purpose Platform

Sep 4, 2019

Butterball means turkey, but that’s not all. Our corporate citizenship platform, Traditions with Purpose, guides our focus on the importance of our People, Plate, Planet and Philanthropy and is grounded in a deep commitment to animal care and well-being. We lead with our values so we can create meaningful change across all sectors.

  • People: Our employees are the heart of our company, which is why their safety, health, satisfaction and opportunities for growth are among our top priorities. Our award-winning safety programs and processes can attest to this; our enterprise-wide recordable injury rate is consistently at least 50% better than the poultry industry average. In addition to safety, the development of our workers matters to us. We provide animal care and well-being training curriculum for all our employees, including regular mandatory training to ensure understanding and execution of proper processes and protocols.
  • Plate: Providing high-quality and nutritious products to our customers is central to our mission. This begins with giving our turkeys the best possible care. We work with family farmers in the U.S. to be industry leaders in animal care and well-being. To accomplish this, we developed an Animal Care and Well-Being Council, require our workers to complete our Comprehensive Training Curriculum and secured American Humane Association certification. Butterball was the nation’s first American Humane Certified™ turkey brand, and the AHC seal is now on all our products. We meet or exceed more than 200 rigorous, scientifically based standards to ensure our turkeys live as naturally as possible. This means they get the space, lighting, air quality and humane treatment they need.
  • Planet: We feel a sense of duty to protect the environment and make sure the natural resources we use to make our products will be there in the future. We set high standards in sustainability so that upcoming generations may enjoy a thriving planet. Since 2007, we’ve measured and reduced our impact on key natural resources and focused efforts where they can make the biggest difference: in transportation, manufacturing facilities and packaging.
  • Philanthropy: You don’t have to venture far to leave your mark. Local communities are more than just where we operate—they’re also where our workers and customers live, where they raise their families. That’s why we passionately serve the communities in which we’re proud members. We support the needs of our local communities through financial and in-kind donations and partner with national and local nonprofit organizations, such as Feeding America.

We’re dedicated to positively impacting the world, from our people to the food we bring to your tables, the way we handle natural resources and our approach to philanthropy. Our passion is to lend a hand where we can, including helping you satisfy your customers by providing high-quality products you can always serve with confidence.

To learn more about our corporate citizenship platform, check out Our Four Pillars of Commitment infographic.