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What No Antibiotics Ever Means for Your Menu

Aug 2, 2017

Earlier this year, we were proud to launch Farm to Family by Butterball™—a line of no-antibiotics-ever turkey. These products are made from turkeys raised on local family-owned farms and fed an all-vegetarian diet. As chefs, we know that customers love having choices. Our new, no-antibiotics-ever turkey is the perfect way to add more variety to your menu.

Recently I was asked whether no-antibiotics-ever products changed the way I approached creating a recipe. My answer? Yes and no.

I say yes because when you use “no antibiotics ever,” you’re targeting a specific end user. Oftentimes this end user is more health conscious. For this audience, I would use our Farm to Family products in a sandwich with whole-grain bread, sprouts and a tzatziki sauce with a yogurt base for more flavor and less fat.

On the other hand, using no-antibiotics-ever products doesn’t mean you have to change your approach to a menu item at all. You can prepare the same meals, because the products react in the same way. So take your favorite turkey dish, and try it with a Farm to Family product. If you serve a lot of sandwiches, you can add Farm to Family products to the menu as a protein option for your diners. If you’re thinking of adding a new dish to your lineup, there are lots of possibilities.

What’s your favorite recipe using no-antibiotics-ever turkey? Share with me on Facebook—I’d love to know.

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