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Try it with Turkey

Mar 3, 2017

As a former instructor at the CIA and an active mentor in my community, I truly believe that every day holds an opportunity for me to teach others. At Butterball, I’m asked a lot of questions about our brand and products on a daily basis. I’d say the most frequent would be, “What can you do with turkey?”—now that’s a question I love to answer.

Some chefs see turkey as a holiday dinner staple or an ingredient in sandwiches, and nothing more. I love showing people just how versatile this protein can be. It’s actually a blank canvas that will take to nearly any preparation or flavor out there.

I encourage all chefs to experiment with innovative and creative applications. Use your unique culinary background to inspire the way you use turkey on the menu. My family is Italian, and I grew up with that type of cuisine. It’s what I’m most familiar with and most comfortable cooking. I find ways to make twists on my favorite recipes by using turkey instead of pork or beef. I use turkey in sausage, and I’ve created a healthier version of traditional porketta—I call it the turketta.

If you have questions or need help creating the perfect turkey dishes for your operation, I’m here for you. Let’s chat. Get in touch with me through Butterball’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Talk to you soon!