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Tony Tells it All: Least Favorite Foods

Mar 5, 2018

Throughout my career in the foodservice industry, I haven’t been able to find a person—customer or colleague—who truly enjoys every food. We all have our own tastes. That’s what makes being a chef so exciting and enlightening.

I completely understand that people might not be so keen on certain flavors, ingredients or taste combinations. Personally, I avoid beef liver. I think it tastes very strong and overpowers almost anything you pair with it. I’m also not a big fan of lima beans—it’s a texture thing. They’re a little too starchy for my taste.

While liver and lima beans are my least favorites, I’d like to think I’ve given them a fair chance. I’ve tasted them in many different applications over the years. When I was the head of research and development for a regional, home-style cooking chain, both lima beans and beef liver were on the menu. Lots of diners loved them because they’re what they grew up eating.

I believe it’s important for chefs to understand the ingredients and flavors they’re cooking with. Keeping an open mind is key. Do I think I’ll ever learn to enjoy my least favorite foods? Probably not. But I’ll always be happy to appreciate from afar the work a chef puts into a beef liver or lima bean dish.

What are you least favorite foods? Do you still serve them or cook with them? Let me know in Facebook and LinkedIn.

Talk to you soon!