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Tony Tells it All: Brand Names

Apr 3, 2017

Throughout my career in foodservice, I’ve learned a lot about which products work for me and which ones don’t. It’s true that some of the products I like the most are branded. They usually cost more, but trust me, the extra money is worth it.

When you buy a branded product, you know it measures up to a set of specifications. At Butterball, all our products have to meet high standards to receive our label. With off-brand products, you just never know. Maybe the quality is great, but maybe it’s been modified to meet a certain price point. I’d rather have peace of mind in knowing that when I order a product, I’m going to be able to use it, and my customers are going to love the way it tastes.

This consistent quality is something that’s critical to operators, especially operators who run chains. At a chain restaurant, you have to protect your brand. A dish has to taste the same in Cleveland as it does in Tucson. It’s just what customers expect. Using branded ingredients is a good way to support your own brand, and it’s a good way to build relationships.

I’ve been working with Butterball for many years, and I know our brand offers quality you can hang your hat on. It creates confidence among chefs and diners alike. What do you think? Are brands overrated, or are they worth the extra investment? Share with me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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