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Menu Development 101

May 2, 2017

At Butterball, a big part of my job is developing new recipes for our products. That means I’m always researching and exploring the latest foodservice trends to make sure we’re keeping up. It also means that sometimes, I have to take a focused approach to our customers’ menus.

When I’m planning a menu, I try to avoid single-use items. It’s not ideal for an operator to order a specialty ingredient for one dish on the menu. There’s a greater chance for waste. If customers are asking for a new burger option, I like to take a look at the entire menu to make sure I’m taking all their offerings into consideration.

Multipurpose products, like turkey chorizo, are a great way to save time and money. You can use turkey chorizo to top a burger, or you can make a burger out of it. You can use it in a taco, in breakfast dishes or as a flavor enhancer in chili. That’s my kind of ingredient.

I also look at the prep time of the item I’m creating. It depends on the type of operation and the prep time of its other options. I like to accommodate all types of labor situations. If I’m working with a quick-service operation, I usually use a lot of speed-scratch ingredients. A full-service restaurant, on the other hand, would have more time for extra steps. In that case, I might recommend hand-patted burgers made with ground turkey.

I’d love to share more tips for optimizing menus. Contact me through Butterball’s Facebook or LinkedIn to chat.

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