Butterball Burger Breakdown

Apr 10, 2015

We have a variety of delicious turkey burgers to meet all of your menu needs. Learn more about our burger offerings and get tips on toppings and condiment ideas.

  • All American Grill Turkey Burger (5.33 oz): This traditional burger with a classic grilled flavor uses lightly seasoned top-grade ground turkey meat. Play up the All American theme by topping the burger with Vermont Cheddar, Wisconsin Swiss or other favorite cheeses from across the U.S.
  • Savory White Turkey Burger (4 oz, 5.33 oz, 7 oz): A richly flavored all white-meat turkey burger makes a great addition to any menu. Create a harmony of flavors by using sweet sauces to top this savory burger. Try a brown sugar BBQ glaze or a house-made apple butter BBQ sauce.
  • Mediterranean Turkey Burger (5.33 oz): An all white-meat turkey burger seasoned with garlic and pepper creates the fresh flavor diners crave. When it comes to condiments, keep the Mediterranean flavor going with lemon aioli or a creamy Greek yogurt spread made with cucumbers, mint and oregano.
  • All Natural Turkey Thigh Burger (6 oz): Our most premium burger is made with 100% seasoned turkey thigh meat. Continue the all natural theme with toppings like fresh organic tomato slices, local cheeses, house-made pickles and artisan stone-ground mustard.