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Meet Chef Tony


The Musical Chef

As a chef, food really is the center of my world. But there’s something else that plays a very important role in my life, too—music! If you could look through my iPod, you’d probably be amazed at the variety of music you would find. Like mos... READ MORE

Master Chef Anthony Seta is better known around Butterball as Chef Tony.
He’s a culinary professional with over 25 years of experience in successfully developing creative and signature turkey items for restaurant chains and food manufacturers. He applies his expert knowledge of ethnic cuisines and current culinary trends to recipe and formula development with a primary focus on flavor.

Chef Tony gained a strong foundation in culinary sales from his experiences as Chef Instructor & Director of Continuing Education at the Culinary Institute of America, heading R&D departments for large restaurant chains, and as a consultant for prominent food manufacturers. He is well known throughout the foodservice industry and has a lot of love for turkey.

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