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The Butterball Experience

We share your passion for food and your desire to satisfy customers. From the most informative, up-to-date resources to a great variety of innovative products, we strive to provide everything you need for success in your operation.

For more than 50 years, Butterball has been a leader and innovator in the turkey industry. Today, we’re the turkey experts—dedicated to responsibly supplying the highest quality products with the highest level of customer service.

World's Largest Vertically Integrated Turkey Processor

Butterball produces more than one billion pounds of turkey annually. From feed mills, hatcheries and live production to our five processing facilities, we own and operate every aspect of the production process.

National Distribution

Seven plants across the country service a true national distribution network.

Dedicated Research & Development Team supports process improvements and product innovation to meet the growing demand for turkey.

Thanks to our top-of-the-line Sales, Marketing and Research & Development resources, we can truly say we are The Turkey Experts.

  • We know turkey consumers—
    where they dine out and what they think of turkey in restaurants.
  • We know the operators—
    how they feel about their menus and what they need for success. Among operators, our brand ranks the highest in consistency, quality, food safety, products with patron appeal and brand reputation.
  • We know the trends—
    how they impact consumers and operations.

Our Resources

Our focus is on one protein. That means 100% of our resources are dedicated to the production and development of exceptional turkey products.

  • Nationally Recognized
    We're a nationally recognized brand with expansive marketing opportunities and support.
  • Customer Service
    Our regionally aligned Customer Service Team is proactive, responsive and committed to finding solutions.
  • Master Chef
    Our own Master Chef is dedicated to serving up culinary insights, recipes and menu ideas.
  • Nationwide Reach
    We have nationwide foodservice reach, with a Distribution Sales Team and National Account Team.

Our Responsibility

We continue to dedicate significant resources to strengthen our already rigorous standards for animal care and wellbeing.

  • Animal Care
    All processes are reviewed by our Animal Care and Well-being Advisory Council.
  • Training
    Thorough, job-specific trainings are mandatory for all Butterball employees.
  • Certification
    We've applied for certification under the American Humane Certified® program to ensure our animal care meets and exceeds third-party welfare standards.

Whether you want classic, creative or you're catering to the masses, our diversified product lines, Butterball and Carolina Turkey, guarantee value, quality and taste at every price point.

bb_just_perfect Butterball Just Perfect™
Just like Thanksgiving Day turkey. Traditional shaped turkey breast, hand-formed, lightly seasoned, whole-muscle and clean label. Available skin-on and skinless with a variety of flavors (traditional dome or premium pan shapes available). All-natural products also available.
carolina_classic Carolina Turkey Classic
Whole muscle turkey in various flavors. Petite pan-shaped products available. Perfect for buffets and slicing by the pound, with single binder formulations for improved slice-ability and texture.
carolina_legend Carolina Turkey Legend
Perfectly moist, whole-muscle, oven-roasted turkey breast products great for slicing by the pound or in sandwiches.
carolina_deluxe Carolina Turkey Deluxe
Our traditional shaped, machine-loaded 5–7 piece products in a variety of flavors, perfect for mid-tier applications.
carolina_selects Carolina Selects
White turkey products to meet the needs of value-conscious operators. Great for shaving and piling high.
bb_logo Raw Roasts
Premium products adaptable to a variety of flavor profiles. For the chef who seeks original, outstanding menu ideas.
bb_logo Specialty Products
Premium products adaptable to a variety of flavor profiles. For the chef who wants to offer outstanding menu items off the beaten path.
carolina_logo Cured Deli Meats
Add variety and craveability with lean, top-grade cured turkey. Lower in fat and higher in protein than its red-meat counterparts.