Catering SegmentSome meals are remembered for a lifetime. When your food is the center of attention, count on Butterball to deliver consistently excellent flavor that’s synonymous with happy memories. Butterball has menu ideas for every catering challenge, from buffets to plated entrées, from 40 to 400. View our regularly updated information on products, industry and menu trends specific to the catering segment that can affect your business and grow your bottom-line.


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All Natural Coarse Ground Turkey
Made from all natural, quality dark meat, this low-fat, high protein item provides any menu a health...
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Just Perfect Handcrafted All Natural Turkey Breast
Fresh handmade 2-3 lobe skinless oven roasted turkey breast This All Natural, hand crafted, oven ro...
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Sliced Turkey Medallions
These boneless, skinless medallions have excellent flavor and texture. Fully cooked and individually...


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